Tiny But Mighty

Let’s envision the one physical element you have that you’ve embraced and made your own. Is that a weird concept? It may be to some, because women tend to self-deprecate thinking of the elements they don’t love, or define themselves by the attributes they use to overcompensate…but wouldn’t it be nice to finally embrace ALL of yourself. Pick one thing, one thing that’s plagued you.

Imagine this. 4’11 and a full glorious half an inch, which I round up to 5 for conversation, standing in the front of the line of picture day grades K-12. In the early years I never thought much of height, until I approached high school. I must have worn heels DAILY. I repeat daily. To be chin level, in the very least, and not swarmed by the masses when the bell would ring. For the sake of vanity, I needed to elongate my legs in any way possible. My tailor loved me, probably because my mom and I sent her kids to college with the amount of pants dragged in weekly. It’s just what you do when you’re petite…right?


I don’t even know where to start in terms of personal growth from my teens but one of my favorites is embracing my entire self, even physically. It’s much easier said than done during a hot summer day in a crowded subway and you’re nestled into someone’s armpit…but its doable.

How differently would you feel if you genuinely embraced these things?

The minute I had a lapse in my own advice and embraced via the media and every photo on every fashion blog knee high boots were just something that looked better at 5’11; I snapped out of it and went out and bought them. That’s right, those power fueled petite legs marched down to SOHO and got em. I went out to rock them exactly the way I wanted to and no style article on how to look taller would sway me. I’m still curious to meet those who write those articles “Clothes to steer away from if you’re XYZ” (really call me, we’ll have a chat about this, I smell a possible healing session). How about clothes you should wear because you feel like you could take over planet earth just wearing them? I’d love to see these women tell Lena Dunham she shouldn’t film wearing just a bra…oh wait they do and then she’ll flash a nipple with a grin on her face. That’s my point.





It’s now my  favorite look the naysayers claimed should be avoided, yet I’d make this my life uniform if that were even a thing.



I’d love to see looks you or the media swore you couldn’t pull off, and quite frankly didn’t care.


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